ABOUT ME :                                                                                                                                                                                                                 COMPANY NAME: FLORAL DESIGNS BY ALBERTA - A LICENSED FLORIST - FLOWER DESIGNER - FLOWER ARRANGING INSTRUCTOR - AUTHOR  - MONITORER & CRITIQUER                                                                                                                   A FLORIST SINCE 1995, OPERATING FLORAL DESIGNS BY ALBERTA.                                                                                FLOWER ARRANGING & DESIGN INSTRUCTOR: TEACHING FLOWER ARRANGING AND DESIGN TO BEGINNERS, INTERMEDIATE AND ADVANCED STUDENTS in Classroom  for Palm Beach County & my Training Center, from 2005 - 2018.                                                                                                                                                                                                 AUTHOR OF: FLORAL DESIGNS BY ALBERTA  A Self Taught, Self Paced Education and Application Curriculum of Study for Floral Arranging and Design Beginners, Edition 1;  A  BEGINNERS FLOWER ARRANGING TRAINING BOOK TEACHING THE  BUILDING BLOCKS OF FLOWER ARRANGING FROM SCRATCH; Published in 2011. CREATOR OF:  3 VIDEO DVDS OF APPLICATIONS:  Showing myself as the Instructor, creating  different styles of flower arrangements  from start to completion; as an important part of the Flower Arranging  Training Program, for Beginners, created in 2010.   I OFFER AN ONLINE FLOWER ARRANGING  TRAINING COURSE FOR BEGINNERS; THE FLOWER ARRANGING COURSE BOOK & 3 VIDEO DVDS CAN BE PURCHASED FROM OUR WEBSITE.  MONITORING AND CRITIQUING IS AVAILABLE FOR  BOOKS AND DVDS  PURCHASED; WHILE TAKING THE FLOWER ARRANGING TRAINING COURSEI              SIGNATURE: ONE OF A KIND, KEEPSAKE SILKS AND OTHER FLORAL DESIGNS  ARE AVAILABLE FROM  FLORAL DESIGNS BY ALBERTA AND CAN BE ORDERED FROM THE WEBSITE.  ITEMS  & PRICES ARE SHOWN ON THE WEBSITE.                                                                                                                                                                                         EDUCATION:   A graduate of Broward Community College in Davie, Fl.,earning An Associate of Arts Degree in Business Administration and Management Marketing.  Earned Certificates of Completion in Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced Floral Arranging & Design, from  FT. Lauderdale's School  of  Vocational, and Technical Training, in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.. Photos of Certificates are posted.  I gained many years of  training & learning as a Flower Designer & Instructor , teaching  Flower Arranging & Design, receiving many awards, plaques, cards, gifts, certificates,  from clients , the School Board of Palm Beach County, and students throughout the years as a  Florist - Flower Designer - Instructor - Author.        ALBERTA C. BROWN