My name is Alberta C. Brown.  My business is :

Floral Designs By Alberta.  I have been in business for many years. From 1995 to 2008, I provided flowers, plants & gifts services as a Florist. 

From 2005 to May, 2018, I taught Floral Arranging & Design Classes for the Palm Beach County School Board and at my training center in West Palm Beach, Fl,  which ended in 2016 for the Palm Beach County School Board and ended at the training center in May, 2018

Now, I am available as As An All Occasion Events Florist, offering to do Weddings, Anniversaries Celebrations and all events where a number of items are requested.

I created a  A Study Guide Course for at home training to learn to create your own flower arrangements.  This training Course has 3 DVDs of Applications that can be used as a part of your training.  A Training Materials Supply Kit was created  to be used with your Study Guide Course and 3 DVDs as well. The purpose and benefit for creating the training books, dvds and supply kits are to make it easy for anyone to learn how to create flower arrangements. They can be  purchased at any time by selecting the items you want and clicking on The Buy Now botton below.


 Testimonial 1 - Training with Mrs. Brown was a great experience.  The training itself was in a knowledgeably warm friendly, no pressure environment.  I can highly recommend Mrs. Brown's Floral Design Courses as she is truly passionate about imparting her knowledge to others.  Judith Smith                                                                                                                                                                                                

Testimonal 2 -I must say, the experience in the classes with Ms. Brown were quite an awesome experience.  Ms. Brown as an instructor, makes floral design a great learning experience.  She has so much knowledge.  Mrs. Brown knows a lot about the floral design businsess.  I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn floral design.                                                                           Wendy Tuley

Testimonial 3 - I took floral arrangement with Mrs. Brown as a diversion, but after the first class I knew I was hooked.    If you really want to learn about the industry, her class is the one to take!.  This course forces you to think on your feet and work quickly, while producing praiseworthy work.  Mrs. Brown is skillful, patient, passionate and she teaches from personal experience.   Dionne Crawford   

Testimonial 4 - Mrs. Brown teaches with an obvious love of flowers and floral design. Her passion for the floral industry transcends to the classroom.                                                                                 Melissa Mills

Testimonial 5 - Mrs Brown is wonderful , inspiring, dedicated person.  She knows her job very well.  She taught us how to choose the best flowers, how to care for them, their names, how to arrange them and so much more.  I enjoyed very minute of the class.                                          Melrose Hutchinson

Testimonial 6 - Flower Arranging Party - Alberta demonstrates such enthusiam during the arrangement flower training.  She has a wealth of experience and talent.  All the residents enjoyed the hands on experienc of designing their own flower arrangements and were proud of their final project.                                   Michelle A. Russo - Resident Programming Cooordinator - Savannah Court & Cove of the Palm Beaches